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Content is usually completely forgotten during the design and execution of digital marketing plans. Every professional at the head of a marketing department recognizes its importance and its high impact on long-term results, but very few give it the necessary weight due to lack of time and resources.

Costs reduced by 50%

If you’re a communication or marketing professional at a brand or business, you can now implement your content plan without needing to increase the size of your team while reducing your costs by up to 50%, thanks to Lowpost.

800+ multinational businesses

We currently work with more than 800 major brands and multinational businesses that use Lowpost for countless reasons, such as running their SEO strategy, launching and maintaining the blog they always wanted to have, creating lead magnets to attract new customers or designing exclusive content to grow user loyalty.

Unique technology

Guaranteed scalability

Content definition
Word count, Keywords, Content objective, Tone...
Writer selection
Machine learning, the perfect writer for each piece of content.
Ad-hoc writing
Professional writers, unique content.
Quality control
Automatic troubleshooting with Artificial Intelligence
  • SEO
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Internal anti-plagiarism (Big Data)
  • External anti-plagiarism
Quality control
Human revision
Human correction
Professional, specialized editors.
Human revision
Client delivery
Content ready to publish
Assignment of Intellectual Property and Exploitation Rights.
Client delivery

Services for major brands

Get back up to 75%
of your time

Articles for your blog

Whatever topic, length or level of complexity. Start to position yourself and to communicate with your audience with recurring content.

Branded content

If you’re already thinking about your next campaign, don’t forget that quality is all that matters. We help you to define the topics and bring them to life with the best storytelling.

Posts for social media

We adapt the tone and format of any content to all social media platforms. Get the best engagement!

Corporate content

Your business’ description, as well as Social Corporate Responsibility topics or corporate events, must form a part of your brand story.

Product Listing

If you also sell online, your product cards must always be up to date and have the best quality possible.

Description of services

A good description of services will not only help your clients, but it will also help search engines to index your page. Are you going to give that up?

FAQs Copy-writing

FAQs are the map that users need on any web page. Without them, the website’s conversion rate will never be optimized.

Google My Business profiles

It’s more and more important to have a good business profile on Google. We can help you with descriptions, updates or user reviews.

Inbound Marketing

If you also sell online, your product cards need to always be up to date and have the best quality possible.


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