Talking about yourself is never easy, but we'll give it a gosimbol_blanco

If you’re here it’s because you’re curious (and that’s good). Curious to know who’s behind a company like Lowpost. It’s never easy to talk about yourself, but we’ll try.

There’s a lot of hard work behind our platform. From May 2013 to today, our strong commitment has allowed thousands of SMBs and online businesses to enter the digital world and improve their results.

There are more than 40 motivated and active professionals with very different profiles, passionate about what they do: software developers, philologists, publicists, designers, journalists, entrepreneurs… A whole team built by great people enjoying what they do, and learning from mistakes and challenges.

In addition to our offices, one of the most important parts of our team is our community of freelance writers. Journalists, philologists and communicators reflecting their passion for writing in the rich content they create, offering value both to our clients and their end-users.

Thank you for becoming interested in us and getting here. We are still very young and we know we still have a long way to go. Your interest prompts us to continue improving.

Welcome to Lowpost. We hope you can make the most of our platform and achieve all your goals.

May the Happy Content spirit accompany you!


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